Should I put my wedding website on the invitation?

Everyone is using them, guests love them, but where are you supposed to share them?

Wedding websites just didn’t exist when wedding invitation etiquette rules began to form. So what’s a gal to do?

Our #1 piece of advice? Wedding websites do not belong on your invitation.

We get it; all tech savvy couples have them, but this rule is one that we think should last. The invitation is the focal point for the suite, and the attention should be on the couple, the invitation being extended to guests, and the people responsible for making the wedding happen (sometimes this is the parents, sometimes, it’s the couple).

A fun little fact – word of mouth was the most traditional and proper way of letting guests know about a wedding registry. We’re now living in a tech-centric world where the evolution of wedding websites is the most convenient way of sharing all kinds of wedding details with those invited to attend. It’s also a perfect place to link to a wedding registry, giving guests one place to access where to buy that kitchen-aid mixer and perfect thin stemmed sauv blanc glasses!

Since wedding websites are a common place for sharing registry info, and registry info is never supposed to be shared on the invitation, the website really shouldn’t go there either.

So if it doesn’t belong on the invite itself, where should it go?

Our favorite places to sneak in your wedding website url are on the save the date, on a tag/mini card or on a larger details card with other wedding information like room block details and attire preferences.

If you don’t have space for the link on your save the date, when sending out your invitation suite, you can opt to add a pretty little tag with a silk ribbon to bring it all together.

A details card is another great option if a tag isn’t something you’re into. It’s an opportunity to give a concise version of the details of your wedding festivities, and linking guests to your website where they can view in greater detail.

While we are big fans of breaking with convention to keep your wedding true to you and your fiancé, this is one of those rules that never goes out of style, sort of like the perfect LBD and champagne brunches 😉

xo, Jillian

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