I haven’t blogged about my font obsession in quite awhile, but today, friends, it is time for a little revival. One of my favorite calligraphers and all-around lettering rockstar, Debi Sementelli from Lettering Arts Studio, recently released a new font on www.myfonts.com and I am totally in love. Debi has an uncanny ability to create just the font I am dreaming about exactly when I seem to be wishing most for it to exist.

Cantoni is wonderful because it looks so utterly custom and fresh. There are tons of glyphs, stylistic alternates and ornaments to really customize whatever you are using the font for. It looks like you had a mega-talented calligrapher hand-letter something just for you. The style of Cantoni is playful, joyous, yet refined all at once. Here is how Debi describes this beauty:

Named after my large Italian family, the unique variety of letters based on my own fluid upright style of brush lettering, reminds me of every family I know. There are creative and conservative siblings, crazy in a good way cousins, affable aunts and corny joke telling uncles who somehow come together and form one cohesive unit.

Like a family gathering to celebrate a special occasion, there is a palpable sense of joy expressed through the letters and images, not unlike the sharing of good food, memorable stories and lots of laughter.

She also designed this font with the wedding industry in mind, because Cantoni includes tons of wedding-related ornaments and custom phrases. See Exhibits A and B:

And the very best news of all? Debi is offering Aerialist Press clients and readers a 40% discount on Cantoni! Just use discount code aerialist press on myfonts.com at checkout to get the deal. We will be adding this lovely to our font library soon, but in the meantime, please feel free to request it when placing a letterpress order with us!

xox, A

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