After having our interns create their styleboards and answer our mini interview questions, I thought it might be a good idea for C and I to do the same, so you get to know the people behind the letterpress a bit better! So here’s me, styleboard style…

– What did you study in school? International relations and French as an undergrad and I went to law school afterward for funsies!
– Where do you hail from? Originally from Sacramento, CA, but I’ve been living in the Bay Area for the past 8 or 9 years.
– What is your favorite typeface? Pretty obsessed with Avanth right now.
– What is your lucky number? Lucky number is 9.
– What is your favorite Bay Area eatery? Tacubaya in Berkeley.
– What are you reading at the moment? Just finished reading The Design of Business.
– What is your favorite blog? The Daybook ( I just love her writing style and the simple but beautiful way she documents her life.
– What are your words to live by? “Being kind makes you cool”
– If you could travel anywhere tomorrow, where would you go and what would you do? I would go to Zambia and stay in one of the tree houses at Tongabezi near Victoria Falls. They are insane! I might also climb up to the top of the falls and let C take my picture on the edge, if I’m feeling bold!
– Describe your personal style in three words: Eclectic, Boho, Comfortable
– Where would we find you on a Saturday afternoon? On a Saturday afternoon, I can be found trying out a new lunch spot with C or basking in the sun on our patio with a smoothie.
– Where do you find inspiration? I find inspiration in old ephemera, design blogs and typography websites!
– What is one thing you love about weddings? I love that we get to create paper goods that our clients will cherish and find precious their whole lives. I love knowing that they will show their wedding invitations to their children and grandchildren some day and it will bring them back to those moments when they felt the most in love.
– Name one thing you want to do/see/try before your next birthday. Before my next birthday, I want to ride a vespa!
– What is your favorite AP design? Right now I really love Tuolumne, but it changes weekly!

In my styleboard I included a few of my favorite things, as well as some images that speak to my personal style. I love layering necklaces and have sort of a relaxed, boho, eclectic personal style. My favorite color is gray and I love vintage furniture and restoring it. The Alameda Flea is amazing for finding beautiful pieces with a feeling of history. I also love decorating my home and tend to think of the style as “Berkeley professor meets artist with a little modern restraint”- does that make sense to anyone but me? Probably not. I also love the AP and have a fascination with hot air balloons. I think bunnies make the best pets and am mildly obsessed with our mini-lop, Blondie. I have really tiny, precise handwriting, which has translated into an obsession with typography and and love for writing of all kinds. I also drink a lot of coffee, heavily sweetened. Poppies are my favorite flower, I like watercolor anything and extensive traveling is my dream.

I will post C’s board and mini-interview in a few days, he didn’t want to be left out!

xox, A

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