What should I include with my wedding invitation?

When putting together the paper goods for your wedding, you may be feeling a little stumped on what to include on your wedding invitation when it comes to wording and what to send along with your invitation in terms of additional cards.

We’ve got all the answers and have put together a quick little guide to get you from blank page to full suite!


Wedding Invitation

Your wedding invitation should include all the important information about your wedding day, such as the date, ceremony location and reception location. If there is a suggested attire you would like your guests to be cognizant of, you can add that bit of information, too!

If you’re like most couples, you may be a little confused on the best way to word your invitation. We have a great comprehensive guide with actual copy and passable wording examples to help you with that!

Reply Card

The standard add-on piece for any invitation suite is a response card.

This is one of the most important pieces of the invitation suite as it communicates who will attend and often their meal selection, allowing you to confirm an official count of wedding guests with all your vendors. Need a little extra help with reply card etiquette? We have step-by-step directions here to get you started.

Reception Card

Many couples will ask if a reception card is necessary to include with their suite. Our answer: it depends!

If following traditional wedding etiquette, a separate reception card is the most etiquette-correct way of informing your guests of the events occurring after the ceremony. If your ceremony and reception are taking place in the same location, you can simply include “reception to follow” on your invitation. Either way, this is the beauty of it being your wedding, you can do it however you feel best fits you!

If you need help on wording suggestions, click here to see the two different ways we came up with.


Direction Card

Adding a direction card or a map is a nice addition to your invitation suite and an especially welcome bonus for guests visiting from out of state.  We recommend this type of piece if your venue is tricky to find, doesn’t have clear gps directions, or if the surrounding area is especially fun to visit. Maps with recommended restaurants, cafés and noteworthy sites to see are always a fun keepsake!


Accommodations Card

Accommodations cards are important for destination weddings or a local wedding with out of town guests. This card can include, but is not limited to, a particular hotel you have a reserved room block at for guests, or other nearby hotel options, airports, as well as local attractions and rental car agencies.


Inner Envelope

This is the perfect opportunity to clearly communicate who is invited to your wedding, while following traditional envelope etiquette. Not sure about the ins and outs of envelope etiquette? We’ve got you covered! Visit our guide here.


Outer Envelope

Our biggest tip – don’t forget the correct postage! We also suggest taking advantage of your paper company’s address services to help save lots of time, and prevent a tired hand! If you do decide to write your own guest addresses, we can help you format it just right with our breakdown of essential outer envelope etiquette.

xo, Jillian




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