It’s Friday (woo hoo!) and that means it is time for our new inspiration board weekly feature! I have been so excited to post one of these all week. We have had a maelstrom of orders come through the studio in the last five days along with many, many exciting new inquiries, so, predictably, blogging hasn’t been on the “must do” list until this morning. You know you brides are always my first priority around here and that means orders and emails will always come before blogging. But, I sure do love having the chance to carve out a moment to write over here every now and again.

Sometimes, I find that when I am making these boards, it takes me a solid amount of time to cull all the images and bring the look to life. Other times, it is a different story entirely, all the pretty elements seem to fall right into place and the board creates itself. I was planning to show off the Chantilly suite today and the board took me a good couple of hours at night on my couch to get just right. But then, last night I was messing around on Pinterest, saw this truly striking pin of a green and blue parakeet (his name is Kiwi and he belongs to Twigs and Honey!) and before I knew it I had the board for Parfumerie put together in oh 20 minutes or so. I almost think that’s how it should be and when everything comes together just right, you know you have a winner.

When I originally designed the Parfumerie suite, I imagined it would be for a lovely affair at an old estate with delicate feminine touches. Now, I still imagine an estate wedding, but with an on site aviary (where this exists, I’m not sure!) and soft botanical influences. I just love the idea of magnolia blooms cascading down the guest tables and white florals with lamb’s ear tucked into a bridal bouquet carefully wrapped with velvet ribbon and a dangling heirloom cameo. Perhaps pretty teacup favors and escort cards with vintage keys as a nod to the aged feel of the property. I also can’t stop thinking about the perfection of a bronzed crown set atop a simple but delicious cake to tie in the elegant and timeless vision for the day. When C and I were married, I tracked down the prettiest vintage looking crown for our cake and am still not over it. Maybe I won’t ever stop smiling when I remember it, but I am a huge fan of non-traditional cake toppers.

I hope this serves as a pretty send off into your weekends! C and I will be enjoying the sunny 70 degree weather and watching his little brother compete in a high school Academic Decathlon competition (C and I totally did this together about 10 years ago! Yep, letting my nerd flag fly). Go Broncos!

xox, A

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