This week kind of kicked my butt, so I’ll keep this short and sweet today in the interest of starting the weekend just a little bit early. Shhh, don’t tell the boss! Four o’clock on a Friday is almost as bad as seven am on a Monday. Almost.

Chantilly is a truly feminine and delicate suite that is as perfect as it gets printed in soft, light ink colors. This design makes me think of intricate lace, a soft, neutral palette, highlighted with pale peaches and butter yellows, timeless lace gloves and thoughtful favors, brimming with Southern hospitality and charm, like corked bottles of limoncello or handmade soaps. My favorite part of this board is that gorgeous bride/model with the yellow peony. Of course, it was taken by Elizabeth Messina (can’t you just tell) and I love the relaxed, but classically lovely look about her. It just about gives me goosebumps. Which is a very tall order for a Friday at 4 pm, let me tell you. I hope this adds a little sunshine and pretty to your Friday. Have a lovely weekend!

xox, A

P.S. Anyone watching The Following with Kevin Bacon? I am simultaneously creeped the eff out and obsessed. Crrraaaazy.

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