The Clare suite is one of those designs that will look perfect for pretty much any kind of wedding. It is so versatile and classic that it can’t be pigeon-holed for just one type of style. That’s kind of what I love most about it. Every client who orders this design from us inevitably makes it their own and it fits seamlessly into whatever affair they are planning.

If I had a wedding do-over (not that I want one! but still), I think this would be it for me. This board for the Clare suite would be my re-do wedding, if I could create any kind of evening for my guests. It would be held at an old library. There would be book page table runners down every long guest table and possibly hollowed out stacks of books holding lush and unkempt floral arrangements. I would absolutely have a brandy and port tasting bar for after (or before or during) dinner and dancing. I would also, without a doubt, get in touch with One True Love Vintage and have Amanda style some truly fabulous lounge seating areas for my guests to mingle and relax in throughout the evening. I’d likely use old ink jars to hold some kind of favor for my guests and there would be chocolate truffles sprinkled with gold dust absolutely EVERYWHERE. This board is a bit of a departure from a lot of the weddings I see on the blogs these days and I am digging the romantic moodiness of it.

If  you had a wedding re-do, what would it look like?

xox, A



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