This post was scheduled to go up yesterday, but Word Press likes to toy with me so up today it goes!

image by {toma estudio}

I really love Valentine’s Day. I love seeing all kinds of happy people smiling ridiculously at each other and at random strangers (um, me) racing them to the cheese sample at Berkeley Bowl (the local Whole Foods equivalent) or reaching for the last white corn tortilla package (also me). I also really love having dedicated time set aside to appreciate how wonderful my husband is and how lucky I am to call him mine. And how lucky I am that he likes to make me dinner and bring it to me in bed while I sip a glass of cabernet and ponder how sweet this whole being in love thing is.

I hope you have a wonderful day appreciating someone who cares for you and how much joy  they bring to your life. I sure plan to.

xo, A


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