Happy Wednesday! We are going to start a new series today that will run a few times a month with guest posts from some of our fave coordinators, planners and stylists in the industry. The series will feature a pro sharing tips, talking about wedding styles and answering commonly asked questions. This week, we are super excited to start it off with Jamie from Mango Muse Events chatting about outdoor ceremonies and a few tips and tricks for pulling them off without a hitch!

QUESTION | We’re having an outdoor ceremony and I’m trying to figure out the logistics for it. One thing that I’ve been wondering is if we need to have a microphone for the ceremony. Is that necessary? I have no idea, so any help would be great!

This is actually a very important question to ask. Many times couples think that unlike a church wedding, an outdoor wedding means that you keep it natural and thus, no speakers and no mics. However, that isn’t always the case or the best decision.

There are a few factors that really influence whether you should amplify the ceremony. The first is the size of your wedding. If your guest count is over 50 I usually suggest that you use microphones otherwise many of your guests won’t be able to hear a thing. The second is the location of your wedding. If there are gusty winds or pounding surf, you’ll also want to amplify the sound so that everyone can hear over mother nature. The third factor is your officiate. They are speaking the most, so if they are soft spoken or just don’t project or pronunciate, you’ll want to mic them. Lastly, is your ceremony itself. If you are having any songs performed or readings read, you’ll want to use a mic so that people can hear them. These are reasons why you should use microphones, but in some cases you can’t get power to an outdoor location or you aren’t allowed to have amplified sound in which case you don’t have a choice.

Beyond all those factors though, the real question is if you want your guests to be able to hear you and your officiant. I’ve had some couples who just don’t want it to feel like a show and not amplifying it makes it feel more intimate and personal. Others don’t want to interfere with the natural surroundings and sounds and thus want to keep it au naturel. And then other couples want to make sure that their guests can hear and are true witnesses of their vows and thus amplification is key. And yet others have been to many weddings where they couldn’t hear the ceremony and want to make sure everyone can her theirs. Every couple has different feelings about it and all are ok. So, it’s really up to you and what is important to you. And while it’s always important for you to think about your guests (all guests want to be able to hear the ceremony), it is your wedding and your ceremony and you should be comfortable and happy. So, do what feels right to you and you can’t go wrong.

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