How far in advance should you send your wedding invitations?


Wedding invitations are typically sent between six to eight weeks in advance of the wedding date with a three or four week RSVP deadline. For a destination wedding that requires most of your guests to travel, it is recommended to send the invitation ten weeks to twelve weeks in advance!

We also have a few extra tips we encourage you to keep in mind when sending out your invites:

Reply Dates

Let’s start with catering! You or your wedding coordinator should check in with your caterer and ask by what date he or she needs an absolute final guest count. Some caterers require a month in advance while others require only two weeks. We suggest counting back a week or two, dependent upon the caterers timing needs, when selecting your rsvp date. This will give you ample time to reach out to any guests who haven’t replied.

The B-List

Next, if you are planning to send out additional invitations as you receive your “no’s”, we recommend counting back two weeks to your mailing date, so those guests have enough time to respond. This allows for the secondary guest list to not feel secondary!

Plan Ahead

Lastly, give yourself enough time to send out your invites without feeling the rush. We definitely recommend using your paper vendor’s services on guest addressing, stamping and stuffing, but if this is something you prefer to do on your own, have fun with it, and make it memorable. This is a great opportunity to plan ahead and invite your bridesmaids over for some mimosas and invitation prep!

xo, Jillian

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